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President's Message

asushi Yoshida, PresidentWe produce the faithful article which put its heart and soul into the first guarantee of quality principles to contribute to a rich living of people through "appetite".

Bourbon was founded in 1924 under the name Kitanihon Seika. Seeing that the Tokyo Earthquake of the last year had brought a complete halt to the supply of confectioneries to rural areas, Kichizo Yoshida, Kitanihon Seika's founder and its first president, decided to establish a factory outside Tokyo for the mass production of confectioneries.

Since those early days, Bourbon has offered high-value food and beverage products that meet the needs of the times and give genuine pleasure to consumers. Bourbon products include the well-known crepe cookie Lumonde, which first appeared on the market in 1974, and the mineral water products Dewasanzan Natural Water and Ion Water, which we started manufacturing on January 17, 1995, the day the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck the Kobe area.

As a food manufacturer, Bourbon will enforce our policy of “Quality Assurance Is Priority One,” for our goals of ensuring safety, security and stability of food and contributing to the health of consumers. We will, quickly respond to the globalization, aging population combined with the diminishing number of children and changing lifestyle. We are committed to the development of new products that create new needs and to the provision of sales activities and services by making marketing and planning proposals for creating new demand. We will also pursue the development of health-oriented foods for promoting health and preventing disease by proper eating, particularly the development of foods with health-promoting benefits that prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Thus, we will endeavor to help consumers promote their health.

With “Resonance” as our watchword, Bourbon will work with every one of our customers by sharing a common purpose.

Becoming a self-realized human being involves much more than being a good businessperson. We are not only individuals but are also part of organizations; not only corporate employees but also members of society; not only producers but also consumers. All of us contribute to society at different levels through our various roles. I sincerely hope that, in our role as corporate employees, we can respond flexibly to changes in the environments that surround us, both as individuals and as a group. We believe that “Learning, Working and Healing” are three main keywords that determine lifestyle of individual person and family. Being a member of society is to repeatedly construct his/her life, or the way how to live, by checking and carrying out original intention while balancing working and learning.

To this end, we must foster the creativity to conceive new ways of contributing, the desire to share these benefits with others, and the ability to create a system that can realize this aim. We must also make every effort to develop demand. Together with you, we look forward to creating a bright future for both Bourbon and society.

Yasushi Yoshida, President