About Bourbon

Talent Training

Belief in Organization’s Spirit and Development of Human Resources

Basic Principle of Compliance
  1. Observation of laws, rules and regulations and company rules and regulations
  2. Provision of products and services useful for society
  3. Conduct of sound corporate activities and elimination of anti-social behavior
  4. Fair business activities
  5. Code of conduct and action guidelines to be followed by executives and employees
  1. Protection of personal information and company’s confidential information
  2. Respect for employees’ personality and individuality
  3. Disclosure of information to stakeholders
  4. Preservation of global environment
Value-added Business Management Theory
  • Mind to enhance viability of group
  • Mind to nurture open-mindedness, warmth, strictness and strength with a long-term vision.
  1. To grow as a human being
  2. To conduct value-added creative activities
Five activities for creating added-values
  1. Activity to increase the amount of sales (penetration rate × no. of rotation)
  2. Activity to increase the value-added ratio
  3. Activity to raise efficiency of investment on the expenses and to reduce the expenses.
  4. Decision of greatest effect zone number of people.
  5. Activity to identify and adjust added-value allocation
Education & Training
To create a group which helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

With “life-long education useful for the whole life” in mind, Bourbon’s human resources development program is based on the concept how they should be as a human being and a member of society and company. In order to combine individual abilities acquired by the lifelong education, Bourbon aims to create a strong group capable of exercising ability, which exceeds the sum of all employees under “Merit-Based Principle,” “Opinion Evaluation Principle,” “Character Principle,” “Opportunity Provision Principle,” “High Goal Principle,” “Performance Challenge Principle” and “Self-Development Principle.”