President's Message

Through our commitment to the principle of Quality Assurance First, we bring you the real thing: food that will enrich your daily life.

Yasushi Yoshida, President

Bourbon was founded in 1924 under the name Kita Nihon Seika (North Japan Confectionery).

After seeing the Great Kanto Earthquake of the previous year temporarily bring to a halt the supply of confectionery to areas away from Tokyo, founding president Kichizo Yoshida decided to establish a factory in Niigata for the mass production of confectionery for those neglected areas.

Since then, we have continued to supply products that meet the needs of the time, products that have value, food and beverage products that can really make consumers happy, like “Lumonde”, a crepe-type crispy cookie that launched in 1974, which exemplifies high-real-value products; bottled mineral water products “Three Mountains of Dewa famous natural spring water” and “Ion Water,” which went into production on the day the Great Kobe Earthquake struck in January of 1995; and many more.

As a food manufacturer, we are committed to the principle of Quality Assurance First based on safety, security, stability and health.

We also are responding quickly to globalization, demographic challenges, and changes in lifestyle, and continually strive to develop new products that create new consumer needs, supported by creative proposals and services aimed at stimulating demand that we work to provide to our partners.

In addition, we are engaged in the development of functional foods, especially foods geared at preventing lifestyle diseases as a kind of preventive measure, drawing on the concept of preventive nutraceuticals. In so doing we are contributing to the promotion of good health in consumers.

With “Resonance” as our slogan, we will join hearts with each customer and business partner and walk forward together, leveraging our common objectives to achieve outsize results.

We think growing as a person involves much more than growing as a business person. We are not only individuals but are also part of organizations; not only corporate employees but also members of society; not only producers but also consumers. All of us contribute to society at different positions through our various roles.

I want to be a human being who can continually adapt himself and also the group to changes in various environments, first of all as businesspeople.

We believe that “Learning, Working and Healing” are three main keywords that determine the lifestyle of the individual person and the family.

Being a member of society is to keep revising one’s goals and reconstructing how one spends one’s time., without forgetting one’s original intention, all the while learning and laboring in tandem.

To this end, we must foster the creativity to conceive of new ways of contributing, the desire to share these benefits with others, and the ability to create a system that can realize this aim. Together with you, we look forward to creating a bright future for both Bourbon and society.

Yasushi Yoshida, President