CSR core policy / course of action

Bourbon CSR core policy

Together with our customers

  • We provide goods and services based on “Safety”, “Peace of mind”, “Stability”, and “Good health”.
  • We engage in goods production with “Quality assurance first” as our motto.

Together with society

  • We aim to coexist with the local societies, and strive for communication through food.
  • We conduct ourselves properly so that we can fulfill our roles and duties as a member of society, and promote activities that contribute to society.

Together with the global environment

  • We promote active improvement activities in the overall supply chain.
  • We comply with laws and ordinances, rules, agreements and the like which are related to the environment.

Together with our employees and their families

  • We aim to be a dynamic company which respects human rights, achieves employee productivity and freedom from pressure for employees, and respects employees’ individuality and independence.
  • We endeavor to secure a safe, healthy, and pleasant working environment.

Bourbon CSR course of action

Our management philosophy is, “Improve the survivability of the group, including those with conflicting interests”. As well as being deeply involved in the happy lifestyles of everyone, through contributing to enriched lifestyles and health through food, and so on, we take this idea a step further, and with “Creating healthy hearts and bodies” as our theme, which includes environmental conservation, we aim for continuing development and contribution to society as a comprehensive health promotion support company which designs a sustainable future society.

  • Bourbon CSR
    • Customers

      We continue to provide safe products which give peace of mind.

    • Environment

      We continue to consider the environment by saving energy, reducing waste, and so on.

    • Region/Society

      We continue to contribute to regional communities’ culture, sports, education, and more.

    • Employees

      We continue our efforts to provide a pleasant working environment.

    • Compliance

      We comply with the laws and ordinances that apply in each country and society.

    • Shareholders

      We aim to improve corporate value and continue sincere corporate management.