Efforts aimed at sustainability Efforts aimed at sustainability

Efforts aimed at sustainability

Approach to a sustainable future

  • After seeing the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 temporarily bring the supply of confectionery to areas away from Tokyo to a complete halt, our founder decided to establish a factory in Kashiwazaki-shi, Niigata in 1924 for the mass production of confectionery for those neglected areas.
    Presently, we are deeply involved in promoting happy lifestyles for people via such measures as contributions to enriching lives and good health through the development, production, and sale of our confectionery, beverages, and food products. Further, we are engaged in activities aimed at becoming a comprehensive health promotion support company which designs a sustainable future society.

  • Approach to a sustainable future

Core sustainability policy

Based on our management philosophy, “Improve the survivability of the group, including those with conflicting interests”, we aim to achieve the realization of a sustainable society and Bourbon Group’s growth. We determine issues for careful attention in each field - E (Environment), S (Society), and G (Governance), - and actively pursue those critical issues.

Bourbon Corporate message

Bourbon Corporate message Bourbon Corporate message

Founding philosophy

“We want to be a company that can help when society is in great need”

Management Philosophy

"Include people with conflicts of interest to increase group viability"
~Pursue corporate activities that enhance the viability of all seven media~

We aim to be a “comprehensive health promotion support company” which designs a sustainable future society through active improvement initiatives regarding global environment conservation and environmental issues. We will also be deeply involved in the happy lifestyles of humankind such as productive lives and health through the development, manufacture, and sales of snacks, beverages and foods.

  • Pursuit of customer satisfaction
  • Contribution to society, active promotion of CSR activities
  • Carrying out compliance and conforming to the rules of international society
  • Respect people