Corporate governance

Bourbon's basic philosophy regarding corporate governance is that, based on our management philosophy of, "Improve the survivability of the group, including those with conflicting interests", by reforming and developing managerial organizational structures and arrangements, we will enhance corporate governance suitable for the 21st century, and implement measures that realize the improvement of managerial fairness and transparency all the more.

Core policy

Based on our management philosophy, we will strive for the company’s continuous growth and improvement of mid-to-long term corporate value. As well, we will respect the rights and interests of stakeholders, including the shareholders, and aim to realize fair and highly transparent management.

  • Ensuring shareholders’ rights and equality

    We will respect the rights of shareholders, who are important stakeholders, and ensure equality for all shareholders, including minority shareholders, foreign shareholders, and others.
  • Appropriate synergy with stakeholders

    In order to achieve continuing growth and the improvement of mid-to-long term corporate value, we recognize that synergy with all stakeholders is vital. We respect the various stakeholders’ diversity, and strive to create a corporate culture and spiritual features which respect the rights, positions, and sound business activities of the stakeholders.
  • Ensuring appropriate information disclosure and transparency

    We believe that conducting appropriate information disclosure to stakeholders is an important management issue. As well as disclosure based on laws, ordinances, and listing regulations, we will also voluntarily and actively disclose other information (including non-financial information) that is judged to be important.
  • Duties of the board of directors

    The members of our board of directors, including outside directors, conduct careful discussion while utilizing their experience and knowledge. They are fulfilling their roles and duties in regard to the company’s continuing growth and mid-to-long term corporate value improvement, as well as improvement of earning capacity, capital efficiency, and so on.
  • Dialogue with shareholders

    We strive to have active dialogues with our shareholders, who are important stakeholders. As well, by endeavoring to conduct appropriate information disclosure, we promote activities that deepen shareholders’ understanding of our management strategies and business environment.
Corporate governance/governance internal control system

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