Responding to Customer Requests

Confectionaries have a power to make people happy. Because they make people smile. In order to make more people smile and feel happy, our sales stuff makes utmost, under Bourbon Marketing, to encourage our customers to select more and more of our products.

With about 60 sales offices throughout Japan and based on the business meetings with retailers and wholesalers to identify customers’ needs and request and changes in the market, we recommend how to create more attractive displays and setting in store. Our sales stuff remain committed to making visits to stores to be able to provide more customers with smile and happiness

Creation of Product Displays

Bourbon’s salespeople endeavor to create sales floors from consumers’ point of view by directly visiting stores and proposing display settings.

Consumer Campaign

We will provide customers with enjoyment by the participatory campaign such as Waku-Waku Theater and confectionery learning class and contribute to the nurture of rich mind by means of intellectual and dietary education.

Direct Marketing ~Directly from Bourbon to Customers
Vending Machine

Bourbon’s automatic vending machines, which are located at public facilities such as stations, airports and government and other public offices, universities, offices and various sport facilities, offer a wide assortment of all categories of our products ranging from beverages, sweets, foods and general merchandise.For the sale of the Disney character article, we develop the automatiic vending machines that are wholly wrapped by Disney characters.

Mail-order Marketing

Bourbon conducts mail-order business focusing on safety, security,stability and health.We deliver,not only our own products like mineral water,but also ECHIGO BEER and rice including Uonuma Koshihikari rice,in a convenient door-to-door delivery style.

Sales for Commercial Use

We will provide the catering industry and the commercial-use channel with high-quality and carefully selected raw materials.
We also contribute to the society through the development of new materials and offering of new menus.

Efforts in Sales and Distribution

We provide our products and services sincerely by building distribution networks for the customers all over Japan, and make everyday efforts to improve the quality of the distribution system in order to provide fresh, tasty and safe products that customers can enjoy comfortably

For the purpose to increase the quality and services in sales and distribution, Bourbon holds “Distribution Quality Management Seminar” for our logistics partners throughout the country to improve their skills in the product distribution. We also visit distribution, delivery and shipping bases across the country on a regular basis and check whether our management standards are observed on site.

Also, Bourbon is aggressively committed to the improvement of distribution efficiency and energy saving by promoting an environment-friendly modal shift and employing a cooperative delivery system.