Quality Assurance System

The Establishment of Quality Assurance System for Ensuring Safety, Security and Stability of Food and Contributing to Consumers’ Health

Bourbon is committed to the manufacture of products based on its Code of Conduct and with “Quality Assurance Is Priority One” as a motto, for providing safe food products and ensuring satisfaction and comfort for customers.

As evidenced by the Quality Management System ISO9001 and Food Safety Management ISO22000 certifications, which are now under the process of acquisition, and the approval of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in the manufacturing of soft drinks, we are striving with day-to-day quality assurance activities through “audit,” “analysis” and “responsiveness to customers,” to establish traceability, scientific evidence and quality control, based on the quality assurance system of international standards that is applicable to the global society.In addition, along with the development of environment improving activities by acquiring the Environment Management System ISO 14001 certification, Bourbon will endeavor to implement corporate activities and manufacture the products that contribute to the health of consumers and society.

Quality Assurance Policy
  1. To observe laws and regulations and familiarize employees with the corporate ethics, the Code of Conduct and the guidelines of action.
  2. To offer products that may contribute to the health of customers and support healthy lifestyle that is imbued with an aesthetic sense.
  3. Committed to “Quality Assurance Is Priority One” with Safety, Security and Stability in Mind.
  4. Our mission is to act for improving company’s viability and credibility.
  5. To make continuous improvements of the effectiveness of the food safety and quality management system via external and internal communications.
Environmental Policy
  1. As a food manufacturing company, Bourbon is fully committed to the improvement of environment, to the maximum extent possible, through voluntary efforts to address various problems which may affect global environment in every stages of our business including sourcing of ingredients and raw materials, development, manufacturing, sales, distribution, consumption and disposal.
  2. We will be committed to the continuous efforts to improve environment and prevent pollution.
  3. We will observe environment-related laws, regulations and agreements. We will continue to improve our environment policy by reviewing environment issues as well as establishing voluntary environmental management standards.
  4. We will establish the goal and objective of our environment policy, reduce the issues that may affect environment, launch an environment management system and review the goal and objective of our environment policy.
  5. We will clarify responsibility for, and keep all employees informed about, the implementation, maintenance and operation of the environment management system.
  6. We will announce information on our environment policy at an appropriate time and disclose requested information from external.
Top Priority on Customers’ Voice

Analysis Laboratory conducts quicker and more accurate tests and inspects genetically-modified food products, mycotoxin, allergic substance, microorganism, residual pesticide, etc. under a voluntary inspection system based on scientific analysis and using fully-equipped test equipment.

In order to deal with increasingly globalized and complicated food safety issues in recent years, we are striving to further improve the level of analysis.