Product Safety

For Ensuring Safety

Bourbon implements thoroughgoing safety checks of the whole production cycle from the product design, the manufacturing processes and the facilities and environment of factories to the procurement of raw materials as well as the auditing for ensuring safety until our products reach every customer. And for establishing traceability, effort is made to build a system for ensuring recordings of every process and relation building.

Moreover, we also have been wrestling with reducing a risk in the health side positively by reducing the content of trans fatty acids (0.5g or less/serving 40g) in all products and suppressing the formation of acrylamide in products containing potato.

Raw Material, Product Analysis and Inspection System

Analysis Laboratory conducts quicker and more accurate tests and inspects genetically-modified food products, mycotoxin, allergic substance, microorganism, residual pesticide, etc. under a voluntary inspection system based on scientific analysis and using fully-equipped test equipment.

In order to deal with increasingly globalized and complicated food safety issues in recent years, we are striving to further improve the level of analysis.