Research for Creating New Business through the Scientific Study of Food and Health

Institute for Health Sciences Food and Nutritional Science engages jointly with research institutions of university in basic researches such as evaluation of new material’s functionality based on the promotion of health and prevention of disease by proper eating and elucidation of mechanism, applied research supporting effectiveness for health of eating, and the cutting-edge medical research on disease prevention. Through these activities, Bourbon will promote activities to diffuse aristology to learn wisdom of diet for promoting people’s health.

Nutraceuticals Science Laboratory

A study focusing on the usefulness of carbohydrate metabolism in the maintenance of health is conducted in animal and human volunteer experiments.

New Food Research Section

Together with the efforts for achieving a shift to nutraceutical materials based on the evaluation of functionality and safety of unknown animal and plant material, we are developing technology that may help successful management of the expected food situation in the future.

Laboratory for Advanced Health Sciences

We study the analysis of food functions at a molecular level using living cells and the investigation of digestive system cell induction for the purpose of establishing a system for evaluating food function and safety.